1. Thank you Bro. # service messagebus start solve my issue.

  2. Minor rewrite will improve grammar: Generally, PHP modules are loaded in one of two ways – by compiling the modules directly into the PHP binary or by loading them as an extension via php.ini file. If the module is loaded in both ways, the warning will be given.

  3. Thank you. Resolved my problem!! very simple to do it.

  4. After doing pip install configparser and getting a successful install message, python prog still reports “No module named configparser” when I try to run it!

  5. Removed the two files mentioned above, but still getting error

  6. already did all of that and shit ain’t workin’

  7. It worked for me and the explanation is good….

  8. Because of I (and 99,99% people who need proxychains) need it to get access on a computer with NO Internet access, so I can’t use wget or curl on it. Also I can’t automatically install all pre-required for proxychains components on the server. If you want to help, create rock-solid package for offline installation.

  9. It did not work for me I still have same error

  10. sir chrome me download nahi ho raha to download

  11. sir chrome me download ho raha to download

  12. This is actually PayG service. Please send message “STOP” to 1925. You will get PayG service deactivation message.

  13. having problems with all https site. including you cant delete this one

    1. Thanks Mohd for letting us know about the broken link. For some reason, the extension has been removed from the Chrome webstore. I’ll update this page once the issue is fixed.

  14. I have the same problem on my website I have done all the steps but not showing on my website

  15. None of your suggestions works. I tried everything, even deleted access point names, still daily minimum 30-40 times this message is coming and they are deducting 4 pause each time. Mobile data and WiFi access disabled and still it is happening. Any further suggestions please.

    1. Arvind, option 2 has worked for some of the users. In fact, it worked for me as well. Could you check again if the Preferred network type is set to 2G?

  16. Good article in which the first processor of the Nehalem family targeted at high-end desktop computers. The Intel Microarchitecture codename Nehalem offers the latest in processor innovation.

  17. Hi, I am so thankful to you about this blog! I was searching for this header unset thing but none of the options were actually working!

    I just applied your option and worked like a charm!

    Thank you once more!

  18. I have facing same issue but now I’m using auto ads but problem is same and I had done all suggestions what u suggest but issue is not fixed kindly give advice

  19. Probably could mention that 192.168.1(1?).100 is your proxy (obvious, but for those who are in too hurry to think).

  20. I don’t have any of these installed. Enabled with new Oreo Android update on ASUS ZenFone

  21. Hello,

    I added the below line in my named.option file.
    dnssec-enable yes;
    dnssec-validation yes;
    dnssec-lookaside auto;

    When I try to resolve a DNSSEC signed site, I did not see the query packet send from my client machine contains AD flag set. Is it set only when we receive answers? My client itself acts as a recursive resolver.

  22. Well this sounds like an awful idea, suggesting to install packages from an unknown repository onto anybodies machine. Thats how you let people hack your system, by installing untrustworthy binaries.

    Who owns Are these packages legit? So, many, questions!

  23. Same error message for netdisco, after a yum update – but installing Scalar::Utils from CPAN did not work for me… 🙁

  24. Really understandable ,wish you add more information about IPv6

  25. ERROR: modinfo: could not find module xen_netfront
    ERROR: modinfo: could not find module xen_blkfront

  26. How can I determine the sha256 digest of the public key of an (issuer) certificate?
    As quite some CAs re-use the public key of their issuer certs, the fingerprint changes, but the public key remains the same.
    How can this be achieved with openssl?

    For comparison in Java:
    MessageDigest md = MessageDigest.getInstance(“SHA256”, “BC”);
    PublicKey pk =;
    byte[] dig = md.digest(pk.getEncoded());
    String sha256 = new BigInteger(1, dig).toString(16);

  27. Plz tell me how to remove password from protected video or how to build password for an expried video

  28. Everyone says to download but you can’t download it anywhere. Just a huge wild goose chase


  30. my autoconf is not updated and still on old (2.63) version

  31. Threading was already turned off, but it suddenly started showing threads

  32. I used this code, but replaced the fields with mine. Works, the answer is obtained without errors, not reloads: false and nothing is updated.

  33. The ordering cannot come from DNS, because IPv4 host records (A) and IPv6 host records (AAAA) are different. As a result they cannot be combined into a single request.

  34. There’s even easier solution, simply press uninstall and never touch garbage apps like those again.

  35. Hello sir , good topic , but have one doubt , i am using 4k download and motetube both for downloading videos , for example if in one playlist 20 videos now is there and i downloaded after one month they adding 10 videos so how to downlaod last 10 videos only , because if i download everything it will consume more data and create duplicate file , is there any solution for this.
    Pls reply in my mail id

  36. Hello Sir


    I have tried to follow you in above given helps.

    Most of the work happen nicely version are hidden now.

    But i want to hide this one as well.

    Server: Apache
    Server: gws

    please help me bit more about it.

  37. My /etc/sudoers file says:

    ## Read drop-in files from /etc/sudoers.d
    ## (the ‘#’ here does not indicate a comment)
    #includedir /etc/sudoers.d

    and my /etc/sudoers.d/00-groupname files are being read fine. I don’t think you’re supposed to remove the # from that line

    Interesting read though. Thanks

  38. American movies are NOT free. Some of the other movies are free but not the American ones. Why is this? Stop false advertising.

  39. / line 1: imple: command not found
    ./ line 2: use: command not found
    ./ line 3: =: command not found
    ./ line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `(‘
    ./ line 4: ` $ua->agent(“$0/0.1 ” . $ua->agent);

    I am getting above error while testing my server is protected from perl script attacks

    1. Hi Anil, do you have Perl installed? What does which perl command say?

  40. HI
    can we do this through domain server or group policy, i have 1000 system in my organisation and i want to block skype banner to all these systems. pls help me with this

    1. Thanks for bringing to our notice.

      But unfortunately, as it was a YouTube video, we don’t have any control over it.

      Now I have updated with an another video which explains the same.

  41. it does not work I have added the server IP address in .htaccess
    my website domain name is tikag.

    1. Hi Anoop Singh,

      It seems like you are using a shared hosting, meaning your domain will be using a shared IP address. After doing reverse IP domain check, I understand there are six other domains sharing the same IP address of your domain. IP canonicalization needs a dedicated IP address. You may request for dedicated IP address from your hosting provider and then implement IP canonicalization.

  42. It doesn’t seem to work in mine. My laptop is Windows 7 Enterprise.

  43. I am using insert header and footer plugin on my WP based website, now it is showing ad below the site title.. is it normal?

  44. I not solve this problem, and i have the same problem , when i try #googleads on device mobile, and i have enable all , why not solve problem?

  45. Thank you so much buddy. I am glad to get my old school games. Thanx a ton !!!

  46. Awesome advice! This worked well for my local IPv6 to outside IPv4 configuration to combat the recent Krack wi-fi vulnerability!! IPv6 packets can’t be easily sniffed!!!

  47. Thanks for these tips for charging a smart phone. It’s interesting to think that taking of the case can help it charge faster because it’s cooler. I’m kind of interested to learn if there happens to be cases that somehow help keep the phone cool, or any other innovations that are similar.

  48. Nevermind – for some reason it appears that even making an exact replica of the original VARIABLE.PHP file and putting in the theme folder under woocommerce/… it’s still causing this odd problem of now showing the price (at all) and not recalculating based on attributes selected,

    (Theme: Avada)

    very strange

  49. Works, but breaks the price visibility after calculation?? When you select attributes from the dropdown and it calculates (page loads) no price shows up to reflect the attributes selected – HOWEVER, if you click add to cart and go through to checkout, it shows the attributes you selected. Very puzzling??

    NOTE: If I delete the newly created variable.php file in my child theme and my site is forced to use the original variable.php file, price displays as normal after selecting attributes, so it’s this added snippet of code that’s breaking the price display.

    Can’t seem to find a workaround to change “Choose an option” text that’s up to date and current (October 2017)

    1. Search for initdb command using the below command:

      #locate initdb

      This should give the similar output as below:
      [root@gg ~]# locate initdb

      So in my case I’ll use: /usr/local/PostgreSQL/8.3/bin/initdb

      Note: if you don’t have locate command install using the below command:
      CentOS: yum install mlocate

      Make sure you have installed postgresql postgresql-server and postgresql-devel

  50. Thanks. I wish I had located this link a couple of days earlier. You mention that using “make install” can mess things up. Is there a way to “unmess” things?

  51. command prompt is showing
    ‘studio.bat’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file

  52. Hi,

    I’m trying to follow your guide. Which is very good!
    But I have issues to install the setuptools for Python 2.7.
    I was wondering if you know where I can find the file instead of using wget (other than the url mentioned in the article).


  53. Guys…it’s such a good tablet for kids…Pls stop the bad reviews.

  54. thanq u very much dude really its help me lot in php

  55. My layouts have ImageButtons but and I have the click listener on the corresponding class. How can I make the button functional?

  56. TechGlimpse,

    Matt Cutts doesn’t talk at all about IP Canonical issues, and it’s hard to find anybody really talking about
    it at length, and although it affects Domain Authority and really puts people at risk for the possibility of Dupe Content
    the popularity of shared resource hosting has really skyrocketed (for the savings), and from the hosting side
    exponentially increased revenue.

    Is IP Canonical bad or not? Can you point us toward some data or at least info?

    Thanks for all the great tech writing.

    1. IP cannonicalization is considered to be one of the important metric in SEO. For example, even the top SEO testing tools check for IP canonicalization. In fact, i came to know about IP canonicalization while testing the site in And to answer to question about shared hosting – yes, the IP cannot redirect to your domain, according to, it should at least redirect to a page of web hosting provider.

    1. download the source and u can compare your code with that 🙂

  57. Thank you so much !! saved me hours of re-programming 😉

  58. Thank you for this HOW TO !
    I followed it to instal C-ROM 4.4.4 on my Nexus 7 2012 wifi. No issue.

  59. 85 inch is really big enough to me, when you are looking at the price it is truly expensive. $40,000?. What?. But with its features and capabilities this is definitely worth.

  60. It is saying the system cannot find the path specified for the first command for changing directory.

  61. This cannot be fixed on website hosted by shared/virtual web hosting service since the IP address belongs to several websites. Can you confirm?

    1. The article is updated to answer your question…

  62. Kudod to the railway official for creating the worst site of India.. I wonder from where they used to hire the software professional for this

  63. Thank you this was a great help. This helped me more then any other guide I found on the subject.

  64. thanks man! this is very helpful! 100% working

  65. Same problem with my site. My site on linux server. How to i solve it? I write that code in my .htaccess file, yet no improvement.
    Please suggest me.

  66. What if I want to get data for more than one field? How do I change the script?

    1. Could you be more elaborate in your requirements? If i understand, you are getting data of all the fields at once as JSON Object.
      To help you, please elaborate your requirements.

  67. Does filament still cost 5x as much as all other printers? I.E. $150/kg vs $40/kg

  68. I downloaded the code and tried to view it with the emulator in my android studio. However, I am getting the error message : ” Cannot start compiler: the SDK is not specified for module StartScreen- StartScreen. specify the SDK at the Project Structure Dialog” Unfortunately, I don’t know which SDK to modify. is it “android sdk location” or the “JDK location”. Please help! I’m new to android development.

  69. I followed these steps (exactly), but I still can’t get this to work. After I dragged the tone to the iphone it shows ul, but is grayed out and can’t be accessed through the sounds menu on the phone (not even there). Am I missing something else? If so could someone please help (using a PC).

    1. Depending on which version of iTunes you’re using, you may need to wait for the program to recognize that you have imported a ringtone file type into it (the .m4r). After it has recognized your ringtone, you will end up with a new category in your menu called Tones. (This will only show up if you have imported your own ringtones into iTunes.) When you connect your phone to your computer, you will also see this category in your phone’s menus. Note: again, depending on the version of iTunes you have, you may not
      have the option to just drag the tone to your phone like you have
      previously done. You instead get to Sync your Tones and can select whether you want to Sync all the tones or just the Selected Tones. Also, if you are planning on making a lot of ring tones, or are making tones for more than one user (ie husband and wife making tones for their own contacts), you may want to use the Selected Tones option. Hope this helps! 🙂

  70. hello, thank you very much very useful, you can do so that when you launch the app starts every time on a layout (page) different?

  71. I’ve been unmarking emails as important and slowly Google is figuring out that no emails are important to me.

  72. When I put step 1 in my head section which is also after the code ” and “” then if gives me an error. Can you please help ?

    1. Hi Hazel….could you paste the error here..?

  73. I ve just finished downloading an FTP client pro, How can I get my username and password and also FTP port forwarding

  74. w3c event was excellent for future generation for humen and machines.

  75. The event was wonderful and lots of enthusiastic speakers.

  76. Thanks peter, its really a required info for all the webmasters….. will be looking more such tips on security.

  77. The link provided for iPhone 5 (a1428) is the GSM version of iPhone 5, does it include for CDMA version as well?

  78. What’s with the 24mm-120mm f/1.4 lens? why isn’t it in Nikon buyers guide?

  79. Micromax is really becoming a giant in India….these days people wait for major releases from Micromax..

  80. I’m looking for the Athena app an I can’t find it in the App Store. How do I find it?

    1. Bcoz of the fragmentation issues….but this was an year ago. .im not sure abt the current status of the device.

  81. Anyone know an actual price not just the MSRP on what one of these will cost?

  82. I got the same specs from GW t-series 14 incher in august (c2d t5750 2ghz, 4gb ram, integrated graphics etc.) but for $599. I don’t really get it.

  83. The MS Zune seems like a decent piece of hardware, though after the New Year’s issues it had, i can’t help but question it’s reliability

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  85. people usually use hotmail, i think that hotmail is better than gmail, when i had gmail i recieved a lot of spam

  86. I need a release date! Can’t wait……………………………………………………………………………………..

  87. this is very unfortunate.we have to feel ashme of raju’s act.

  88. Why is it Mahindra always competes with Innova or some Toyota vehicle why cant they look beyond. I have been using jeeps from the petrol version then mahindra with internatiional engine /pegeout engine etc till Scopio . I found Bolero had VAST TINKERING PROBLEMS,

  89. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  90. oh!!!!!!!! this car is awesome look ………..

    I am waiting for dis car to launch in market

  91. I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  92. What a security Hack…… !!! How secure the system is, people are there to Hack !!!

    Being email the more affected one, Suggestion of Viewers: Don’t Entertain Unnecessary emails.

  93. It is Really a regretale act from Mr. Ramalinga Raju , The Economical slow down Has already threated IT Students , Now This one also ,,,

  94. I do not understand this. “Raju said the company’s balance sheet as of September 30 carries “inflated (non-existent) cash and bank balances of Rs 5,040 crore (as against Rs 5,361 crore reflected in the books.”) Is not what is reflected in the book higher than what they have shown in the balance sheet? How can it be then inflated? Looks like a confusion of figures!

  95. A very bad state of those 51,000 employees of Satyam…..

    They don’t have a secure position neither in Satyam, nor outside Satyam as there are financial crisis and layoffs happening.

    I Pray to the GOD for the Good of all those employees.

  96. This affects on the trust of all the other Indian Company’s by foreign investors.

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