• This New Year, Learn some tips to keep your information secure online!

    Online security has become a hot issue this Christmas. With news of the recent Sony hacking scandal, a lot of people are questioning whether there is anything more they can do to keep their online information safe. The internet is constantly becoming a bigger part of our lives, with almost…

  • Microsoft’s Skype website Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

    Hacking, as unethical as it sounds, has always attracted the brains of computer science interest. Especially, those with the intent of undertaking challenges and others with a mind of revenge. Even if there are situations where hacking is ethical, especially to protect yourself and your circle from imminent dangers (which…

  • New Lock screen Vulnerability found in iOS 6.1.3, grants access to Address book & Photos

    It was just a day ago Apple released new iOS 6.1.3 that fixed that Lock screen vulnerability. But a new flaw found by the YouTube user @ videosdebarraquito, who gained access to locked iPhone’s address book and photos by pulling out the SIM card while using voice dial to make…

  • Russian Hackers halted traffic as they replace roadside video adverts with Porn !!!

    The size of the displays has increased as the cost of making the display technology has come down, the public video billboards has got a Big value in the Admarket. These displays allow TV-like adverts to be displayed in shopping malls, at the road side, and many other places where its prominent is more and can reach a wider audience with such type of display ads.

    With hackers getting into these advert, Traffic came to a standstill as the motorists stopped to watch in amazement as the two displays showed the pornographic clip posted by hackers on big-screen video billboards in Moscow, Russian news agencies reported on Friday.

  • Security Agencies warned the Govt. officials not use Blackberry during working at sensitive ministries

    At the concerns over hacking of crucial official websites. the security agencies have warned the government not to use the blackberry instruments by their officials working in sensitive ministries like Prime Minister’s office.

    Agencies have also cautioned against the practice of connecting official computers and laptops with unsecured internet connections by some bureaucrats thus compromising security.

    Mainly hackers from china are very active and have being penetrated deep into the cyberspace, the security agencies had asked all ministries especially the Defence, External, Home and the PMO to have their official computers separate from the one which are used to connect to the internet world.

  • Security Flaw in IE led to Hackers on recent attacks Google and other companies

    Microsoft’s browser flaw exposed Google and at least 20 other companies to hackers in the recent computer attacks.

    By setting browser’s Internet security zone to “High” the security hole can be closed – told by Microsoft on a alert confirming the weakness. The World’s largest software maker may also issue an update to fix the problem.

  • Verisign’s SSL scheme hacked

    A group of researchers from Berkeley, have claimed that they have been successful in hacking the SSL scheme used by Verisign for securing Web sites.  The researchers claim that they used flaw in hashing algorithm to create fake digital certificates for Web sites. Interestingly the hacking was done using a…