Meet AirVR! World’s First Wireless Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and iPad

Are you a proud owner of the iPhone 6 yet? Or, you have been unable to call off your relationship with your beloved iPhone 5S? Is your iPad always by your side? Are you one of those who is always updated on Apple’s move in the global market? If you swear by Apple and the other brands swarming in the market have been always conveniently ignored by you , then AirVR is just for you.

Designed only for Apple product users, AirVR imparts a new meaning to the term virtual reality. One can now strap in their iPad or iPhone to AirVR and see the world through a new pair of glasses. I know the natural reaction which would follow is a whoop of exultation followed with apprehension. You now would mull questions like-is it heavy? What if I get a crick in the neck? What if it doesn’t fit my phone? What if it is awkward to strap on? And the last but not the least- what if it is pricey?

Virtual Reality

Let me burst the negative bubble you are ensconced in. The Toronto based company has thought this all through and the result is spectacular. AirVR is molded of plastic which is as heavy as a feather and as durable as you (seriously!). So, you basically don’t have to worry about you neck, Plastic head mounts is not something everybody appreciates. Nobody likes to be poked in the eye or face for that matter. AirVR boasts of a foaming pad and convertible strap which would make the experience of virtual reality comfortable for you.

The world through a new pair of glasses

It is only designed for Apple products, so fitting in your phone or tablet wouldn’t be much of a trouble. While AirVR is for iPad, AirVR+ is for the phone.The headgear has a slot right in the front wherein your device can be slid in. How does it work? The strapping in of the device with the headgear places its lenses right above the device’s screen which allows the user’s eye to focus on objects on the screen at a very close distance and thereon starts the virtual experience.

And yes, don’t be worried about using apps or contacting somebody by way of accidentally pressing the buttons on the screen or on the panel as the screen, the ports and the buttons are out in the open (design, you see). The developers know of your relation with your device and therefore have designed AirVR in such a manner that it gives you the luxury of using your device while it is still in slot.

If you are like-Why would I want a new pair of glasses to view the world? Then this might change your mindset – you can snap pictures and browse through them as well in your virtual world. And it isn’t just the viewing and snapping, there is a lot more you can do with AirVR like viewing a 3D or HD movie or revisit places you’ve been to through PanoramaVR.

A new world to look at

The price? $49, nothing less, nothing more! Though AirVR isn’t first of its kind, it sure would be the first one to arrive. Sony and Vrvana are still working on their VR projects while AirVR is all set to hit the market this December. The chances of delay are next to none as they have already raised the pledged amount on Kickstarter. Book your ticket you virtual reality now.

Photo Credits: AirVR/Kickstarter campaign.

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