What Do We Want From the Apple iPhone?

We all know it’s coming. Many are already speculating on what Apple have in store for us. But what is it that we really want from the next instalment in the iPhone legacy? Here are a few of our suggestions:

Wireless charging

How annoying is it when you’re below 10% and you suddenly realize you’re not sure where your charger is? Then you find it and it’s somehow tied itself into knots a boy scout would be proud of? Maybe, after a year or two of wear and tear, the socket doesn’t quite fit as well as it used to and you have to jiggle the wire round to make it work? Well it may seem like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but wireless chargers are out there on the market already.

WIreless Charging

These wireless chargers work by emitting a localised electromagnetic field, from what is called an induction coil. Any nearby devices with a compatible induction coil will absorb the energy turning it into usable power. This has been adapted to work in mobile devices and could be a nifty addition to iPhones moving forward. Plus, standing around in electronic fields all day is bound to give you super powers eventually, right?

Apple Watch

This year, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the recently launched Samsung Gear. Implementing standard smart phone technology, Samsung have created a wrist-strap interface, saving us the back-breaking labour of reaching into our pockets every few seconds to avoid real-life social interaction.

Almost immediately Apple announced its upcoming rival, the Apple Watch. It’s basically the same concept, but would work with an iPhone. This is something I could live without, but would still like the option of having. I’d like to see the next generation of iPhone at least, to be compatible with it.


Better battery life

This one is a given. Better technology means better and more power-leeching apps, so with better software we’ll need an even lower rate of energy consumption. There’s nothing more annoying than when your phone suddenly switches itself off in the middle of something important, like Googling funny cat pictures. 

Wireless keyboard

Maybe not for everyone, but for today’s on-the-go workers, mobile gamers, or even social media fanatics a full on keyboard would make a world of difference. Why tire out your thumbs typing reams of text when you could be churning out text just as if you were using a teeny tiny laptop? Our devices are pretty much there already, the only thing I miss is a proper non-touch screen keypad.


Mobile Office software

So we’ve got our handy wireless keyboard, but now we need the right software to use it on. Today’s on-the-go workers/students want accessibility. With software similar to Microsoft Office, our smart phones could potentially become tiny work stations. Imagine being able to finish off that essay, spread sheet or presentation literally at any time, wherever you are? Make the most of your commute!

Faster processor

The iPhone processor is already pretty quick, but if Apple are going to coax us into upgrading, we want MORE. More RAM would mean faster web surfing and video streaming as well as increased potential in terms of apps and games. That can only be a good thing, right?

Higher resolution graphics

Which reminds me: Mobile gaming is becoming a real force to be reckoned with. There have been some very impressive leaps forward recently, even threatening some consoles. However, limited drive space and battery power caps the current potential for gaming graphics and performance, but with a few techie upgrades, the sky really is the limit.

Better size/screen ratio

There was a lot of debate about the size of the iPhone 6. Ok, a bulkier handset means a bigger screen, but it didn’t quite fit in an average pocket as well as its predecessors. For the next generation it would be nice if the Apple Geniuses turned their brainpower into using up more of the handset space for the screen, rather than bulky buttons. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to look at but let’s be honest here. Size matters!

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