Who said Smartphone should be in Rectangular shape? Square is better, says BlackBerry!

Do you know this stat? Current Smartphones can show only 40 characters per line, but a line in a book can show 66 characters. So, why does the smartphone have this limit? Well, the reason is obvious – it’s because, the mobile phones are in rectangular shape. And again, why are all smartphones rectangular? Can’t it be circle, pentagon or hexagon? Well, I’m not going to buy a phone that is in pentagon shape, but at least I would like own a square one. And that’s what BlackBerry has done.

All phones are in rectangular shape and that has become a de facto, forcing every company to design rectangular phones. But BlackBerry feels, Square is better than rectangle and the result is BlackBerry Passport.

BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Passport (at the center) compared with iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones (Credits: BlackBerry)

BlackBerry Passport is a square phone with 4.5 inch display screen, featuring an aspect ratio that can accommodate 60 characters per line. So what’s the use? Here’s what BlackBerry has to say about the design:

“Based on academic typology, the optimal number of characters on a line in a book is 66 characters (current rectangular smartphones show approx. 40 characters and BlackBerry will show 60 characters)”.

BlackBerry square phone specs
BlackBerry CEO shows the first Square Phone. Credits : CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley

Interestingly, you need not tilt your device for Portrait or Landscape, because you are not going to miss anything while using Passport. It comes with a QWERTY keyboard, which pops at the bottom of the screen occupying very little space. At present, the company had not revealed much information about the spec and cost of the device.

According to BlackBerry, if you are an architect or mortgage broker then Passport will allow you to view the full design and schematics quite easily and also provides easy navigation.

Can Passport help BlackBerry to bring back its name in the mobile market? Let’s wait till its official launch in Europe during September 2014.

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