The COBI Will Usher in An Era Of Smart Bikes!

There is nothing more tranquil and rejuvenating than breathing in the crisp morning air as you pedal your bicycle, cycling is a wonderful way of getting out in the open and soaking in nature. But while everything around us is getting increasingly smart, the bikes we ride are still, for the most part, are primitive. There is no reason why a bike cannot offer us the same level of connectivity and sophistication that we’ve come to expect from cars, thus enhancing and uplifting the entire experience of riding a bike.

iCradle, a company from Germany, has taken up the challenge to build the worlds’ smartest bike, and their efforts have produced a fantastic product that seeks to connect the bike with its user like never before.

Meet COBI – the smart bike of the future


Founder Andreas Gahlert, in addition to being a digital pioneer, is a biking enthusiast who realized that in a world where everything is connected to the internet, bikes are strangely being left out. Determined to fill the gap in the market and upgrade the biking experience, Gahlert and his company iCradle have designed the COBI – a smart bike that makes riding more fun and futuristic.

How does the COBI differ from traditional bikes?

Undoubtedly, the COBI’s biggest draw is its smartphone dock. Plug your phone into the dock and the bike is instantly connected to the internet, opening up all sorts of possibilities to make riding more interactive. Combining smartphone connectivity with some innovative design features, the COBI offers the following benefits over regular bikes.

1. Instant connectivity

Dock your phone to access the COBI interface and also for charging.

As soon as you plug your phone into the dock of the COBI, you’re connected to the internet through the COBI app. This is the heart of the COBI experience. Docking the phone also charges it!

2. It will sense your presence

As soon as you near the COBI, its proximity sensors will fire and a flash of lights will indicate that the bike is ready to be used.

3. Never get lost

cobi nav
Maps on COBI will take you to your destination

With your phone in front of you, you can never get lost again. You can reap all the benefits of modern navigation inlcuding turn-by-turn voice over directions, 3D views and popular routes. Another exciting feature is the Buddy Radar, which checks if any of your friends are riding nearby as well and instantly shows them on the map.

4. Power of the thumb

thumb controller

Swiping across your smartphone to find a route on the map while at the same time riding a bike is extremely dangerous. Thankfully, the COBI comes equipped with the Thumb Controller, an ergonomic joystick that sits on your handle bars and allows you to control the interface on your phone without compromising your safety on the road.

5. Slick lighting

cobi rear

The COBI’s cool front Auto Light adjusts its brightness automatically depending on your surroundings and time of day, while rear LED lamps light up upon rapid deceleration or when you change direction – functioning as brake lights and turn indicators.

6. Music and muscles

The COBI will analyze your biking and ensure you fulfill fitness objectives. Observe your heart-rate, calories burnt, speed to improve your biking technique.

Music can help you focus on your workout and the COBI supports remote controlled playback from local devices (iOS, Android) and also streaming services like Spotify.

7. Security first

The COBI is precious and to discourage thieves, you can use the COBI Hub to lock the bike from your phone so that nobody else has access to it. In addition, the motion sensor Theft Alarm scares away thieves by emitting a sound and light alert.

COBI is the most advanced bike in the world and has tons of more features that will make you want to ride it everyday. The morning air will smell even more crisp when you’re cycling on your COBI!