Cope with your crop right on your kitchen counter-Have you heard of CounterCrop yet?

Holiday season entails great family gatherings where the old and graying head of the family recount the days of their youth. Most graying heads often kick start a dialogue with, “You know, in our days we used to…” and the train goes on. While, most of us (newbies) tend to make light of this dialogue, I strongly believe in ‘what goes around, comes around’. As we proceed in life, we would be found passing a comment of similar nature in the years to come. Especially, in this day and age of technological advancement, we are more susceptible to it than our forefathers.

Like imagine, forty or fifty years down the line, your grand kids are talking of plucking vegetables right off the kitchen counter to make a pot of delicacy. And by kitchen counter, I mean, the usual day to day counter our kitchens flaunt. The one made of granite or hardwood  and is located in the remote corner of the kitchen. You feather head, that’s impossible! Age is catching up with you. I might have agreed with you if I wouldn’t have known of Jack Abbot’s latest innovation, CounterCrop.

Grow right in the kitchen

As the name suggests, it is crop right on your counter. This technology is planning to take over your kitchen and cater to you healthy, clean and tasty vegetables. So, I need to hire a gardener to grow crops? Why hire one, when you can do the job. But I do not possess green fingers. You don’t need to in this case. All you need to do is buy a CounterCrop, plug the device into an electric unit, switch the unit on by way of a remote which would accompany your CounterCrop, then CounterCrop sets the overhead lights and watering accordingly, next plant seeds of your choice into fifty growing pots (which boasts of being dirt-free), add water and the required plant food, check water level at regular intervals and feed plant food when required. Anything more? Oh yes, harvest!

What happens once I harvest? The plants starts growing once again,  meaning, plant once, enjoy many meals. Most importantly, what do I grow? Anything, but CounterCrop makers opium lettuce, beets, radish and the like for beginners. What do I do growing a large amount of beet or radish, for that matter? Who asked you to plant similar seeds in all the growing pots? Plant different seeds and grow numerous veggies at a time.

Let’s CounterCrop

I just can’t believe it, no sunlight, no nothing? The LED light of different colors does the job of the sun. Moreover, different lights enable plants of different colors to grow rapidly.

How would they be priced? What do I do to lay my hands on CounterCrops? The answer to all these questions is one-fund them on Kickstarter and they would eternally change the way you eat and grow your food. And if you haven’t realized this yet, let me make you realize it , growing your own crop means cheap food. Hurrah!