Facebook announces a News reader app called “Paper”

Facebook, the leading social media giant has announced a standalone news reader application called “Paper”. The company has been in the work for years and it is one among the various future plans revealed by Zuckerberg. The initial looks of the app is almost similar to Flipboard and allows you to read 19 different sections, including technology, lifestyle, sports, etc…According to the reports, Paper also features a “Newsfeed” section, which is something that you have seen in Facebook native app, but yes this one in a new look interface.

Each news section would sport a carousel bar, consisting of images and individual cards and stories right below the image. Another interesting thing is the non-blue colored interface, which is something different from native facebook applications.

The users will be able to subscribe to the sections, but cannot personalize it. Oh yes, you can share the posts. Of course, it’s a Facebook’s application. Whatever you share on Paper, will also appear on your Facebook’s News feed (both on the desktop and mobile versions).┬áLike Facebook, the Paper app will be rolling out without featuring any advertisement.

Paper News Reader app

Here’s what Zuckerberg says about the companies plan for 2014:

"While the core business growth is going to come from the main app that exists, you should also expect us to start building a few of these other things that we will focus on over time and develop into meaningful things like Messenger and Instagram are today."

According to Facebook, Paper was developed by a fiveteen member team at Facebook Creative Labs, located in Calif. Paper will be available for iPhone users on February 3 (only for iPhone users in US) and you can expect Android and iPad versions very soon.

Checkout the video for more information,

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