1. The Machine Minds – Should Mankind Mind them?

The Machine Minds – Should Mankind Mind them?

It is a moment of pride for each nation following any technological invention. Any invention is a strong base to a complete hassle free future. Year ago when the idea of first Robots came up, human looked at them like Alien creatures who could be a possible threat to earth and humanity. In spite of such negative critics’ development in this area has proceeded since then to prove worth all of those short coming. From small arrangements of mechanical parts that could perform work, Robots have now involved to being look alike humans. In a very frank sense, think alike of humans. This is exactly what the world feared. But the question now is, does this post a threat to human existence? May seem a little absurd but the potential of further developments keep this question clouded with vague answers.

Robots have been much of Human’s reflection. So when we fear raise of evil robots it does make lot of sense. Robots can do what humans call the three D`s – Dull, Dirty and dangerous jobs. But that is not the limit to their abilities. What we fear is basically what technology can lead us into.

Robots Leading the future

Military settings are where robots have been under rigorous research. In a normal human setting one would like to find how harmless a Robot is to humans but in military it is exactly the opposite. Talks about fully automated robots have been clearly eliminated especially in industries such as the Defense. This is because of serious threat to very own kind that has been found possible when robots are engaged on their own. Selecting and engaging targets must be handled by humans to keep things in hand at any time.

Baby sitting Robots

Humans are now mentally debating about getting robot babysitters or making them elderly people’s companion. Both might seem tricky start as replacing humanly love and affection with machines does not seem convincing. This could be an issue beyond simple programming. Some fields where robots might be involved do demand programming development but those are restricted to mechanical outcomes. While it comes to how close they can replace a Human, robots still need work from more than Human Brains, God Brains. Programming can get them to understand emotions but we can hardly find how close they are to feeling our emotions.

Emotions can be programmed but never made a part of them

While all this covers up the advancements the problem about whether or not to fear this future stays fresh. While most simply neglected this question to avoid ambiguity in solutions some bold answers have come up. Use what technology gives to you. What we have achieved today is far beyond what was predicted years ago. Millions of minds involved in this development will definitely find a way to make the situation stay under our hands. For now Robots prove worth of an investment as they can increase efficiency and performance in any work. Technology will expand job opportunities so fearing job displacement can also be eliminated henceforth.


So do robots need mechanics and doctors for they are still combination of human minds. Robots have actually made understanding the world better. They have led the path to limitless research about the world that would simple remain imagination, if not. Giving up on such machines would probably prove low of mankind’s ability. So will it form the future but much under Human control. If it is the ‘Terminator’ future you are fearing far, humans already understand the risks and will work on handling them.

Robots are inventions of the mankind. They are our kids not fathers unless another human decides to make them. Of all that one could suggest making this raise less threatening, programming ethics and conduct does make clear and possible sense. But ethics can never be a set of rules. They can develop only by correcting each and every possible negative outcome that one can lead to. Humans evolved with such ethics so will Robots.

Updated on December 28, 2014

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