Why buy a smartwatch when you can turn your ordinary watch into one?

Every gadget that once was dumb has now found it’s smart replacement. Smart phones, smart TVs, smart boards, and now, smart watches, rings, bracelets and clothes! Ever since smart entered our wardrobe, we’ve been throwing out our dumb colourful ones and started buying silver, black and white gadget replacements. Soon, the world will have these gadget colours everywhere that a mere butterfly would catch everyone’s attention!

Why should we move away from our natural styles and natural colours when we can try to make these very things smart with just a small alteration? Why should we buy yet another smartwatch to keep ourselves connected to our social circle? Why cannot I not wear my coloured, stripped, swatched, hand-picked, analog watch and be smart? Why replace it with one of the limited designs that are available by the smartwatch providers?

Of course you can! That’s what Glance is about.

Glance accessory smart watch

Although this accessory is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, it is absolutely a must buy. Glance is merely a supplementary, but an important one at that and a smart one at that. This smart supplementary can slip into your existing watch straps and give it smart functionality.

No voodoo and black magic here. Your analog watch is going to be the same. But just the little supplementary piece stuck to your strap works the magic. You can either place it and strap your watch or wear it and then slide the gadget in, either way make sure it’s tightly secured.

It pretty much has the same functionality as any other smartwatch, and maybe even more. It connects to the users Android or iOS mobile via Bluetooth. This smart supplementary can display your time, date, caller IDs, messages and even track your phone by giving it a call when its misplaced.

Glance kickstarter gadget waterpfoof

It has the ability to understand your gestures. So you can teach it quite a lot. Therefore, you can personalize your gestures to make the device perform something specific. You can use it to send a busy tone or a default text message, you can use it as a remote control with your gestures without even you having to touch your mobile or remote control.

Glance is currently available in three designs to fit different types of wrists. Watch the following video to check out other things it does.

Such type of products that allows people to use their existing gadgets and accessories instead of encouraging them to replace them completely are to be encouraged as they are economic and comparatively more environment friendly as we do not have to dispose our former favourites.

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