1. Half Life 2 – The Orange Box

Half Life 2 – The Orange Box


Half-Life is a very popular games, Millions of copies has been sold since it’s first release 1998, alomost available for all the platforms and consoles.Till now only two versions of this have been released and both them has high quality productions.


The games follow the story of one Gordon Freeman, a researcher at the mysterious Black Mesa facility, which is infiltrated by aliens from another dimension after a lab accident. After fighting his way through the facility, and then into the alien dimension to defeat the invasion at its source. Unfortunately, his efforts are mostly in vain, as the aliens manage to invade Earth in a wholesale war and quickly take over the entire planet, with the goal of enslaving humanity and stealing Earth’s resources. With help from his friends, including the comely Alyx Vance, Gordon infiltrated the Combine Citadel, its base of operations on Earth, and destroyed the teleportation device at its top, which seemed to start some kind of nuclear reaction. And that’s where the story picks up as you start to play Half Life 2: Episode One.
In the Episode One there is only one enemy to fight against, and there are no new weapons to use.So if you have played Half-Life 2.You would find very easy to play with.

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Updated on November 20, 2012

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