Watch this : What happens when you score 999 in Flappy Bird?

Have you ever scored 900 in Flappy Bird?! Oh yes, its the same game that became viral and people went into sleepless nights to score high in the game! Later the developer had to remove the game from the Play Store and App store, but someone in the crowd became smart enough to sell a Flappy Bird installed Phone for a huge amount on eBay.

Also there were lots of clones coming over with some of them being malicious and there was a game for the Pebble Smart-watch too!

But the truth is that the Flappy Fever did not stop yet, and here we have an interesting video of how it would be if one were to reach the score of 999 in the game. Will Super Mario be your villain? Time to check out the video from the guys at pipocaVFX!

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