Watch this now: Takeru Kobayashi vs cute hamster [ Video ]

We all know that Takeru Kobayashi, the Japanese competitive eater, who holds several records, is definitely the fastest eater in the world. But can he win a tiny hamster?! Well, before seeing the actual hot dog competition conducted and filmed by HelloDizen, lets check out few facts about the competitors!

Kobayashi is a trained hot dog eater, and has won the frankfurter-eating world record (69 hot dogs in 10 minutes) on July 4, 2011. He employs the Solomon Method for eating hot dogs wherein, he splits the frankfurter in half and dips the buns in water, and then stuffs both parts into mouth.

The hamster, on the other hand is trained too! It is provided with tiny hot dogs made out of grapes, dates or carrots.

hamster video cute

hamster vs kobayashi

At the end the hamster wins and Kobayashi medals him. Cute stuff that can be watched again and again!

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