Estimote Beacons, a tiny sensor powered Stickers to turn any object into a Smart Object!

I have previously written an article about iBeacons, the digital beacon that uses Bluetooth technology to provide location based information. The idea of micro beacons is to, of course, make this beacon smaller in size and shift from location based information to context-based information. Primarily, these micro beacons are used to turn any object into a smart object.

Estimote Stickers bring out the idea of micro beacons beautifully. They sell them in attractive packages for reasonable prices. These stickers are small electronic objects that contain sensors such as accelerometer and temperature sensor, as well as low power Bluetooth technology. Also within this slim sticker is a battery! Whoa, that’s some great advancement in technology, don’t you think?

Now, as it is called stickers, obviously they have the ability to stick on to something. You can stick them on your pet’s collar, some non-smart objects such as bags, shoes and flower pots, or even smart objects such as your phone.

Estimote beacon sensors

Here are a few things that I figure you can do with these stickers. Stick it on your dog’s collar, you’d know when he runs away and where he runs away. Stick it on your bag, you’ll know when you leave it behind and where you leave it behind. Stick it on your cycle, you’ll know when you’re heading in the wrong direction as per your smartphone’s map route. Stick it on doors to know when they’re open, on the flower pot to know if it is watered properly, the possibilities are endless really. If you indulge in developing more apps to use object based information wisely, you can tap a lot of opportunities and make the material world and digital world inseparable!

Here’s a video that shows the magic of Estimote stickers:


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