A battle between the family- Mahindra Bolero vs Scorpio vs Xylo vs XUV 500

We have seen a fight between various car manufacturers. But it is less likely the fight comes within the same manufacturer. This time, we are taking four vehicles within the same manufacturer. The older Bolero, the old Scorpio, the relatively new Xylo and the newer XUV 500 (pronounced five o o)

The 500 has the advantage as it the new SUV produced and is equipped with the latest technologies and some of the features are borrowed from its siblings, but still, lets see, whats the difference between them!

Mahindra Bolero

This is the first SUV released by Mahindra and was actually based on the Armada. It had some of facelifts and performance improvements in the upcoming years of its production. The major change was to its engine. At first, the engine was produced by Peugeot but then, it was changed to Mahindra’s own in-house engine. The technical specifications of the Peugeot include 2.5L IDI Engine which produced 75 bhp which was then replaced with the 2.5L producing 72 bhp Mahindra Engine. There was also a facelift to the Exterior and now included headlights which were more suited to the body rather than the bland look of before.

  • 7 Seater
  • Comes with the option of Power or Normal Steering
  • 5 speed Manual RWD or AWD
  • Engine comes with CRDe technology with 2593 cc displacement
Left turn view
Mahindra Bolero Exterior
Steering Wheel and the dashboard
Mahindra Bolero Interior

There are many variants for this model, LX, DI, EX to name a few. You have around 2-3 categories for the above main categories.


The Scorpio is the second SUV after Bolero and takes over it. The Bolero was better suited for the rural roads and police force. This vehicle is a pure on-roader and off-roader for the casual customer (like us). The Scorpio has a solid build and there are no curves to be seen. The build is very muscular.

The interiors are plain flat instead of some curve elements. When you first get inside the car, you wont like it. But the attractiveness is gradual and once you are accustomed to the car, then you’ll just love it! The features of the Scorpio are as follows:

  •  2.2L mHawk Engine
  • 7 and 8 seater Capacity
  • 6 speed Automatic and Manual options available
Left Turn Mud view
Mahindra Scorpio Exterior
All in Black
Mahindra Scorpio Interior


Xylo is an intermediate version between the Scorpio and XUV 500. This car features a more Curvy design and has more curvy interiors. The rating of the whole design is rather poor. The design is rather poor for Mahindra standards and so is the performance. This car features:

  • 2179cc Engine displacement
  • 5 speed Manual RWD
  • Rear Parking sensors
Red beauty
Mahindra Xylo Exterior
Thick as a Brick
Mahindra Xylo Interior

The car also has a compact variant which is called the Quanto.

XUV 500

This is the latest offering from Mahindra and features a sporty and light-weight design. The whole body is made from Carbon fibre which reduces the weight and gives it an agile body. When mated to the 6 speed transmission the XUV offers great speed and thrilling drive. Added to that,  the powerful engine will give you the enthusiasm and the much needed determination when you are down.

But, make sure you step the pedal to the floor. The only downside with the light weightness of XUV, are the accidents; they tend to happen frequently leaving no traces of the car body and the people inside. The design and the performance are highly superior and are above the three SUVs offered. There are various additions and features in comparison the above mentioned vehicles. They include:

  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Auto head lamps on
  • Parking sensor
  • Steering mounted controls (also present in the above SUVs)
  • LED in the headlight
  • 6″ TFT LCD touchscreen which gives full details about the vehicle.
  • Rear parking camera
  • Sporty design
  • And many more
Elegant and Sexy
Mahindra XUV 500 Interior
Numberplate- less beauty
Mahindra XUV 500 Exterior

Photo Courtesy: CarWale

I personally prefer the XUV 500 and am itching to get my hands on one. The feel of the vehicle, the style and the respect that it gets is just getting at me. I wish I had one of these beasts.

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