Mail me a Maelstrom: Project Maelstrom proposes to reform our internet!

Aware of BitTorrent Inc.? A San Francisco based internet tech company, BitTorrent is all for fast and secure which often stirs up a revolution of sorts. Its presence ranges from instant messaging to sync technology – all this without a cloud at hand. BitTorrent doesn’t entertain middlemen  and thus, designs a technology which eliminates the need of one. In technical terms, it is termed as peer-to-peer technology – You need it, I have it, I give it directly to you, period! We don’t need a snoopy middle-man in all these dealings.

Project Maelstrom is BitTorrent’s newest proposed venture. It plans to take on the internet.  We all have time and again been made aware of our beloved platform’s flaws and these flaws further gain strength when a third party intervenes. BitTorrent’s newest proposed project has decided to change these very ways of the internet.

BitTorrent’s Project Mealstrom

All you need to know about project Maelstrom 

If you are reading this, then you  are probably relying on the capability of someone else’s computer, that is, a remote device. And that is how the traditional internet functions. Project Maelstrom proposes to eliminate the need of a remote device and has plans to bring in a fellow user in it’s place. In simple words, you would browse the internet by way of using the information stored in your fellow Maelstrom user’s browser caches.

Torrent as in heavy?Meaning,BitTorrent is partially heavy?

A torrent is any file (think, music, movie, books, document, video, just about anything and everything you browse the internet for) in its teens, meaning, incomplete. Now, imagine yourself as a Maelstrom client who is in need of one of these music, video or, whatever which came to your mind at the mention of the word ‘file’. You key in the address on your browser and the results instantly pops up. So, how is that very different from other browsers?  Well you see, in this case you receive the torrent from a fellow user’s browsing caches. So, even in the state of incompleteness the torrent download can be resumed by you in your device by way of using Maelstrom. All these spell fast and secure.

Project Maelstrom
peer to peer network, anyone?

Why should this excite you?

The torrent would be circulated amongst a large group of people which would cut short its bandwidth usage and would thereby, give a never-imagined before speed. Another best thing about file sharing is less traffic. The absence of a server-client relation would eliminate the backstabbers ever lurking on the virtual platform. Project Maelstrom promises an unbiased, evenly distributed, secure and most importantly, fast internet.

How would it face a biased internet which has been ruling till now is a question yet to be answered as Project Maelstrom is still in the infant phase and is being worked upon. What about advertisements which generate revenue? That would also be clear in the days to come.

As of now, Project Maelstrom is the newest talk of the town, which if worked on can relieve us from a number of dilemmas. They are looking out for Alpha testers to work on this project. Pitch in and help them build a better internet!