No noise, more sleep : Hush gives you a solution

How many times have you been tormented in bed because of a snoring partner or noisy neighbours or the traffic and transportation sounds around you? Don’t you just want a peaceful night’s sleep? Hush is a technology designed for you to customize your sleep. Hush looks like one of those earplugs you wear while swimming. It is compact so it won’t poke you when you toss and turn (hopefully!)

Come on, I can use ordinary earplugs for that!

Yes, many people inclusive of me have tried using normal earplugs. But there are so very inconvenient. They either don’t block most noise or they don’t let you hear your alarm. Hush, for starters, is digital. It can have a range of digital add-ons to become cooler and more effective.

kickstarter sleep earplug

All digital things aren’t wired, same with Hush. These wireless earplugs can be used as earphones as well. You can listen to songs in general, but I am guessing it doesn’t have that great a sound effect because it’s not designed for that purpose in specific. As it is specifically designed for a good night’s sleep, you can use it to hear soothing music while sleeping or merely as a noise cancellation earplug.

But still, why does this earplug need to be digital?

This is because Hush can connect to your smartphone with an App. You can choose what kind of sounds you would be able to hear and what you should not. It nicely customizes your sleep this way. Your smartphone’s alarm could be heard, calls would be heard, likewise, you can set your preferences as to what can disturb or break your sleep. The best part is that you can block all unwanted notifications. How peaceful! Hush come in a charging case that powers it for 7 days in approx. It can also be used as a charging point for your smartphone.

Any downsides?

I am thinking this earplug might easily slip out of your ear. Due to its small size, it could be easily lost. I am still not sure how comfortable it would be for people who sleep on their sides. Also, what if it blocks out some emergency sound, like a fire alarm? Pretty dangerous, huh?