Now less tension, as the Robot Ray will take care of your Parking headaches in Düsseldorf Airport

The moment we talk about parking cars, we can hear a lot of sighs. Indeed, the traffic and the growing population with more number of cars, less amount of space increases parking problems every single day. That’s why in important places, we resort to valet parking facilities, for eg, malls, airports, conference halls, and the like.

Recently, in Germany, the Düsseldorf Airport has introduced a robot named Ray that can do the valet parking to reduce the frustration that humans face while parking. In a place like airports where everyone are in a hurry already, parking can add pressure. Also, the place where they finally find some space could be a spot very far away from where they have to get to within the airport. Come in Ray, the robotic employee, in the Düsseldorf Airport to the rescue.

People who are willing to use the services of the robot valet can download the PremiumPLUS app designed by the Düsseldorf Airport. The scheme of PremiumPLUS involves the benefit of leaving the vehicle in the entrance of the airport to Ray, the robot, which will pick up the vehicle and will drop it back when you’re exiting. This big life-size robot can bear the huge weight of vehicles and moves in a smooth manner, finds the perfect space to place the vehicle and attends the next user.

Ray robot gemany airport
The Robot Ray lifts the car and parks at the right spot

When the owner parks the car and instructs the robot to park it, it generates a paper token consisting of a QR code. This QR code can be scanned by PremiumPLUS app which can be used to instruct the robot to bring the vehicle back from the parking spot to the location of the user. Or if it’s not just a visit to pick up someone from the airport, and you are going on a trip yourself, you can use the app to type in the flight details and the app generates a QR code which can be scanned at the entrance terminal of the airport and Ray would do the rest. When you’re back from your trip, the automated system will already have the flight details and hence keep the vehicle ready for the user. How convenient!

Ray robot parking at Germany

This strong robot uses laser technology to scan the size and shape of the vehicle to determine how it should handle it and tow it to a parking spot.

Here’s a video that shows the marvelous technology. (It’s in German.). Photo Credits : Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) Official

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