Samsung Galaxy Pro’s new range of commercials mock iPad and Kindle? Watch it!

Its not once a peaceful day in the life of Samsung. The company tends to provoke its arch-nemesis Apple. This time, it has come out with a series of ads targeting the iPad and one ad targeting the Amazon Kindle. The iPad for restricting users on how they can use their tabs and the Kindle for allowing users to read only books and not allowing to do anything else.

The new ad focuses on the multiple user accounts, the Split screen window allowing for multi tasking and the pixel density. All the ads are short and take a quick jab at the iPad and the iOS for restricting the users too much.

iOS is taking a while to allow pure multi tasking and only with the iOS 7 release did it allow for some true multi tasking. Other wise, all the background apps would be suspended and the foreground apps would run more actively and this would not result in any lag. But taking from the computers, we want to see multi-tasking in smartphones too, making sure they perform smarter.

In this commercial, Samsung makes fun of the still around not-so-close Full HD display and the mocking QHD display. The Apple has got the “Retina Thing” surely doesn’t work in the case of Samsung as the display of Samsung is the brightest and has some vivid colors as compared to the dull and boring screen of the iPad.

This is the commercial for the multi-window where one person uses the galaxy Pro and the other person uses the iPad. The person using the Pro shows off the multi-window where in he can do two or more things at once where as the iPad will not allow that.

This video takes a jab at the Kindle range of tablets which allow only book reading and free internet connection from the Kindle store. The kindle is supposed to do just that, and don’t know why Samsung is going after the poor thing.

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