Science on a new level. Dont be tricked by some Youtube videos!

YouTube is a place full of videos in which there are some of the videos which can be heavily criticized for their ingenuity. Recently I came across a ton of videos which were not really…. Science. The videos were only put up for increasing the number of views and making it popular on YouTube for reasons that God knows what.

YouTube doesn’t keep track of all the videos that come in. It just not wants nudity, sexual videos, high levels of violence and abusing. Other than these reasons, any type of video being illogical to the core are allowed. I’ll tell you about a few videos that I viewed, wasted time and laughed on are, so that you can also do the same. Here are the list of videos.

How to make a fire with an Orange?

This is one of the thing that is used for survival in the “woods”. But will you get an orange in the woods and in the first place, will you get lost in the woods willingly? I don’t think so any sane person would do that. But you need extra accessories as well like the knife, a stick and a stone. But the person didn’t show how the fire started. Check the video out yourself.

Unlock a car door with tennis ball

Warning: Never ever try this with really locked keys in car. This video is for “innocent women” only and this trick can help you unlock your car if you ever put it in your car itself. This trick needs a tennis ball with a hole in it. And once you have it, putting pressure on the key hole opens up the car. How cool would that be? But that is not the real case!

Chochi Baba (Horny SAADHU forces an innocent girl)

This video is for fun purpose only. We blindly believe in god-men and don’t even get to see whether he is true or not. Some wrong people have really spoiled the whole lot! This is one such comedy where a god-man tries to seduce an innocent girl. This video doesn’t hurt the feeling of any religion and is only for a comical purpose.

How to make ice in 5 seconds

This video shows how you can make ice in 5 seconds. All it needs you to do is burn a straw place it in water and remove it as fast as you can. It doesn’t work, even when you do it as fast as you can.

Here is one video that actually works.

10 Mind blowing Science projects You’ve never tried

This is a video of 10 science projects but without how he does it. These are extremely cool and can be done easily at home.

Try typing “Science Experiments” on YouTube and see what you can find. Don’t believe some as they’ll only waste your time.

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