Sensoria Will Ensure You Don’t Run Your Socks Off!

With traditional fitness activity tracking devices being dime-a-dozen, it seems like the technology in the fitness sector is approaching a kind of plateau. Slap a band on your wrist or around your upper arm, and these fitness assistants will track your movement, calories burnt, steps climbed and other fairly obvious stuff, which you can later access through your desktop or smartphone and analyze to achieve your fitness goals. Neat, no doubt, but rather straight forward and a little boring. So when a product like Sensoria appears on the scene, it deserves our attention, not only because of its functionality, but also because of its innovation.

Embrace the Sensoria – the smart sock that will help you run better.

sensoria sock
The Sensoria comes alive once you hook it up with the ankle sensor.

Whether it impresses or amuses you, the Sensoria is a sock. It looks like one, it feels like one and it can even be washed like one, but it has one big difference – around the top of the sock are five brass magnets over which a horse-shoe shaped anklet sensor must be mounted. Understandably, the Sensoria also has a smartphone app that lets the user analyze their running itself, not the amount they run – and this is what separates Sensoria from all other fitness trackers.

The Sensoria is not your running assistant, but your coach.

Running, as all but a few will know, appears to be quite simple. But it isn’t and the proof of that lies with the thousands of people who get riddled with running related injuries – some of which may even be quite serious – and  all of which are remarkably unpleasant. The root of those injuries? Ignorance and bad running habits.

Despite what people may think, running to get fit isn’t just about jumping into your shoes and going around the park in your neighborhood five times every day; it is equally important to get your running technique right, unless you want to end up injuring yourself. This is where the Sensoria can be invaluable, by coaching you on how to run correctly so that it is possible for you to stay injury free, while also getting fit. As such, the main difference between Sensoria and other tracking devices is that it conducts a qualitative analysis of your running, and not quantitative.

So how does the Sensoria train you to run better?

sensoria app graphic
Sensoria will analyze your running style and suggest corrections.

If you take out the Sensoria for a spin, all you need is your smartphone and a pair of normal earphones. As you start running, the Sensoria will analyze how you run, your gait, your cadence (in the running world that is how pace is referred to) and the position of your foot when it lands on the ground. The pictorial representation of the analysis might be a little overwhelming and difficult to understand, so in addition to that, the Sensoria will send audio instructions through your earphones, telling you to either increase or decrease your pace, or land on the balls of your feet rather than the heel, and correct other mistakes that you make. It does all of this in real time as you’re running and it will certainly help to get rid of nasty running habits that could otherwise be quite dangerous.

The Sensoria is a breath of fresh air with its innovative technology and will surely be of great help to professional runners and novice joggers alike.