The Slimmest PlayStation ever : Sony to announce it soon

Sony is known for its devices following Kareena Kapoor (an Indian Actor) who is said to bring a latest style in fashion or that is what they say- Size Zero. The thing about being a size zero requires you to NOT eat properly and gives a heavy loss of weight and appetite. People would usually fall down and one such case of models falling down on ramps due to insufficient energy and also cases of death made the issue serious and models were advised to follow a different diet.

Well, anyway, coming to the news, Sony is going to announce its slimmest PlayStation ever which is gonna feature on January 30th of this year. Sony also has a history of releasing slimmed down versions of the PlayStation consoles which actually, you might not believe it, perform better than the original Fat version. The latest “slimmest” announcement should be for the PS3 which should gets its second slimmest version or for the PS4 which as released recently.

PS slimmest
PS slimmest

There are also other speculations which include the very much thinner PlayStation Vita TV which will be a sister to its other brand the Bravia. The device is said to be only available in Japan. The Vita TV is said to come with a 13.6mm thin bezel which will make it the thinnest and slimmest PlayStation ever in history. We can keep on speculating about the device, but we don’t know what will Sony officially bring in. We have to wait and watch. So what do you think on what Sony will bring in?

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