Solar cells weave their way into fashion industry. Now you can charge mobiles on the go!

These days, clothing is not just about making a fashion statement or shielding us its aim is expanding fast. New to this task is Wearable Solar, a potential clothing line that incorporates solar panels into garments for charging personal electronic devices.

The addiction to smart phones and their seemingly little battery backup is pressing in favor of portable energy sources. An outcome is the continuously evolving need for portable mobile chargers, from remote charging ports we are now attracted towards gadgets which can generate energy on the go and that’s where comes in Wearable Solar.

A budding startup by the Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Dongen who, inspired by the budding dependence on connectivity and the need to constantly keep smartphones powered-up, has given shape to an integration of technology and fashion.

Pauline van Dongen solar dress

Two futuristic (from the looks of it) prototypes have been on launched so far. The first one is a coat which incorporates 48 rigid solar cells while another dress has 72 flexible solar cells. Each of them, if worn in the full sun for an hour, can store enough energy to allow a typical smartphone to be 50% charged.

Wearable Solar dress, consisting of solar panels which could be hidden when not in use.)

Flexible solar cells although less efficient, are easier to integrate and more comfortable to wear. The dress is made from a flowing lightweight wool combined with leather. The cells have been subtly integrated in such a way that it’s hardly noticeable when you wear the dress as a normal piece of clothing.

Their internal structure is layered and resembles the stratified cells of the human body, allowing natural interaction with sunlight along with mobility and movement. Exhibiting the immense amount of stress laid on the “Wearable” aspect of these prototypes. “Wearability is very important to my work because I am a fashion designer,” explained Van Dongen. “We’re dealing here with the human body and it’s not just a static body, it’s dealing with movement and expressions, a sensory surface so it’s very important to stress the wearability.

Wearable Solar coat unfolded to generate energy.

The perfect combination of Technology and fashion, practical, wearable-crossing all obstacles this technology is all set to enter the market Van Dongen said “We’re not very far away from people actually wearing these garments that I design”. I hope garments rescue humans from the “LOW BATTERY” crisis.

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