An exclusively gustatory tablet : Recipe Tablet

Special purpose tablets are in the rising. For the book enthusiasts, there’s Kindle. Likewise, for people with immense culinary interest, Recipe Tablet is made by Key Ingredient.

Tablet just for recipes?

As weird as it seems to have a dedicated tablet just for viewing recipes when there’s much more a tablet can do other than just that time, Key Ingredient has ensured that it has a few extra features than normal multipurpose tablets.

What kind of features are we talking about?

First, let’s talk about the cooking environment, our kitchens. Kitchens could easily become the messiest parts of the house. With many ingredients that easily spill, a dozen items to chop, squeeze, mix and what not, it is very likely your hands become as greasy as a handyman greasing iron railings. Whether your hands are oily, sticky, messy or even just wet, you should still be able to operate the device without any worries of ruining it, right? Memorizing sheets of information before cooking has become just so feasible!


Key Ingredient has looked into this and made Recipe Tablet tolerant to rugged use. The second issue is of keeping devices in a heated environment. As it is, a gadget like this can heat itself up easily. So, heat resistance is another feature. So you can keep it near a flame and spill anything on it and it will still endure all that!

One more feature is its case. It has a nice silicon case that’s made to tolerate all the mess. It has a sort of stand that lets the users to adjust the position and angle of the device while seating it on the kitchen slab.


Anything else?

A few other features that can be easily added to normal tablets are pre-loaded. It comes with an App that can read out recipes when the users are cooking. Apart from using it in alliance with the Web, it has its own built-in library of meal ideas. You can always save ones your like into your cookbook and upload your own.

It is an Android device equipped with Wi-Fi with a display size of 8.2 inches. It can be seated horizontally or vertically, the stand can be adjusted.

To not totally alienate it from the tablet world, it still facilitates music, videos, games and web browsing. This device is priced at USD 150. My recommendation is that it would be a great hit if gifted to your technology acquainted, cooking-loving mom. What’s better than having a great gustatory environment!