The First Tizen based Smartphone to be launched in 2013 by Samsung

Yet another alternative to Android and iOS mobile operating systems! It was just a month ago, we learnt about the new mobile operating system called “Sailfish” from Jolla. Now, Samsung plans to launch its first smartphone based on Tizen mobile operating system.

What is Tizen?

Tizen is an opensource Linux based operating system announced after the demise of MeeGo. MeeGo is not something new, as it was already seen in Nokia N9 and Nokia N950 models. Since Nokia partnered with Microsoft, the development of MeeGo was left hanging. Then came Samsung, the leading Android mobile maker backed MeeGo along with Intel to take over the development, which was later termed as Tizen.
Tizen Mobile OS

Samsung is now working with NTT DoCoMo to launch a Tizen-based smartphone in 2013, according to the reports from Yomiuri Shimbun. Well, Tizen based mobile could be seen as an alternative to the present giants Google Android and Apple iOS.

The rumors also says that Samsung might integrate its own operating system Bada with Tizen, but the company had not leaked any news about it. But yes the expectation of this smartphone is huge, because it’s from the giant Samsung.

Lets wait to hear more from the company.