A new dimension to Twitter – Know Your Twitter

Having an account in every social networking site is no ritual. It is important that we know how to use them properly! After years of handling Facebook, majority of the crowd still has no clue what potential they have. Twitter is one such social webs that you might have failed to use properly. Feel bored using twitter? Give a slight change to your way of approaching twitter account. I am sure there is more to what you knew!

Knowing what Twitter is about

Social media also requires a training period as any others. This is because we usually tend to look at our friends and learn working with social media. What happens in this process is that, somewhere in the middle the real essence of the platform disappears and you simply use them just like any others. It is very common to hear “why will I need a twitter account I use Facebook already “– WRONG!!. I would simply say you can`t compare them. While Facebook gives you closer connection to people you know Twitter spreads to people you never know and probably will never meet. Be it celebrities or many other interesting people across the globe. You get closer to them in Twitter.

Listen more and mind what you tweet

Now do not panic what to tweet and how to keep my tweets interesting. Honestly speaking it is completely not about having followers for your interesting tweets. Twitter is more of a listening platform. You can get information and news that will never come out in the limelight here. Also you get to discuss ideas and issues much like a real debate. But at the same time it is important we know it gathers lot of attention and hence keeping up your level of dignity is every important. A hate speech may get you followers but not for long. Keep your voice polite while giving opinions.

Turning Twitter

Getting connected to people

Each one of us has people we feel inspired about. At twitter, you get to approach them and develop a conversation with them. It is not always necessary they follow you back. But you will still be able to see this as entertainment. Also Followers are simply based on the way you connect with people. The more you connect , more followers you get.

Hash tag is important

Using hash tags is the greatest advantage in Twitter. But that does not mean you hash tag everything. These hash tags basically get you connected with Twitter trending Topics list and serve as a key word to connect to many other such important news and topics. Click on and you get a list of all other discussions based on this hash tag. So from now on make it a point to hash tag only relevant things not everything.

Make your Twitter account speak for you

Twitter makes it simple for people to find you. Twitter accounts occupy an important space below signatures today. This is because even as a company you get to interact with a lot of people and become much more approachable. You can use Twitter to your advantage with a perfectly developed strategy to advertise your company.

Twitter has a voice from everyone. This is the main reason why tech companies have integrated it into devices that are getting launched. Twitter just like any other social media does provide you space to interact but in a wider level. So tweet what you like and like what you tweet!

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