Some Gadgets simply turn out to be useless – Gadget Glitch

Gadgets have become an inseparable part of today`s human life. We have always looked at them as magicians, who have made life much relaxed and easier than before. But not all gadgets that touched the market proved useful. Some of the most unsuccessful gadgets that are in a way useless have been in market. It`s time we take a look at them to know why they did not become much popular.  This year too saw a few of such gadgets. So if you planned on buying them, have a second thought over it.

The CTA digital iPad holder

The picture would explain how the holder stands there with a paper towel holder. Many changes were made to this holder. Except for those people who could not imagine a minute of separation from their iPad the product could hardly be considered useful. It is adjustable as per the size of your iPad or kindle. The paper towel stand is the means by which the product differentiated itself from the rest of iPad stands available in the market. Yet, this differentiation was not much of a use. But this is still the best choice for your bathroom decor. The company also successfully ended up getting the award for the weirdest invention. How is the paper towel an added feature? A question the company failed to answer.

The CTA Digital ipad Holder with a paper towel stand

The Phone Soap Charger

Looking for a way to sanitize your smartphone? Then the Phone Soap Charger is the smart choice (if only you wanted to sanitize your Smartphone). This device is a universal charger as well as a phone sanitizer. All you need to do is place your phone in the box, close the lid and the UV-C rays clean your phone. The box also contains small holes in the bottom, so you don’t miss out on the notifications. This gadget seems to focus on hygiene freaks. Yet this phone sanitizer proved no good for a gadget, for probably no one out there is on a hunt for bacteria free smartphones.

The Phone Soap charger

Brookstone iTOi Video Chat Booth

The best part of video chats is you get to see the person on the other side. But then, there is no clear eye contact happening which has become a major problem to be concerned about. To our rescue, comes the Brookstone team with an entire video chat booth. With mirrors built in it, the image looks as though you are making clear eye contact with the person.

The best part is iTOi can turn your ipad to a teleprompter. So if you are one of those believing in eye contact for truth and trust this is the best buy ever.

iTOi Video booth – eye contact established

While gadgets have geared up the world to faster and faster progress some gadgets launches question the very purpose of the invention. Smarter inventions are necessary, but making simple things complicated for the sake of an invention is still a matter under consideration. So the next time you look at these gadgets try looking for deeper reasons why they were invented. Because gadgets become just another home decors of not they serve the purpose.

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