The future of music is now here – lay your hands on the world’s tiniest earphones!

Earphones have come a long way along with civilization. The huge headsets with chords dangling on both ends in the process of evolution became sleeker and smaller, then came a time when they could be fitted right into the ear lobes, some were rad looking earphones which made their way around ones neck, then others had one sided wire to let users move around with ease, did I mention the oh-so-cute-colorful earphones, all in all they come in all shapes and sizes these days.

And yes, prices, as well!  So what’s next? It seems we would soon be stepping into the era of earphones without wires, headbands, neckbands or other frills to boast of, earphones which can be plugged into the ears like an ear bud.  And this is no prophesy on my part, Earin is all about wireless earphones and much more.

What is Earin?

Music lovers gotta love it. It is pure music with no frills. It doesn’t even come with a microphone attached to it, they say they could have provided the users with one, but their aim is to enrich the aural experience of one, which means they go wireless, microphone-less, light-less, sensor-less and a lot of-less. Just plug it in like a pair of ear buds, switch on your device’s Bluetooth and step out of your place looking über cool (some would think you are fool for bobbing your head without a reason) and of course, enjoying the music, as well.

tiny earbuds earin

Small things often get misplaced. Do you need to charge them?

Yes, small things get misplaced, but this wouldn’t.  It comes in a cylindrical case which makes it easy to store and carry around. The case looks like a capsule box, but you know better what’s in there. The case charges the earphones every time one stores them in there.

bluetooth earbud earin

The case can be charged via a USB cable beforehand. Battery life? Three to four hours at a go, then place them back into its rechargeable case.

Other specs and details

If you have an eye for details, then this one is for you-

  • Earin uses a 50 mAh Lion battery which can be recharged.
  • The storage capsule also comes in fitted with a Lion battery of 100 mAh.
  • The storage capsule is as light as 25 gram and the earphones weigh a mere 5 grams.
  • The earphones come in with foams of different sizes to fit into different types if ears.

Is the future of music finally here?

Seems to be the case here. Earin has pledged £99 (US$168) on Kickstarter, if you want to see the future of music then help them raise the funds by booking yourself a pair of world’s tiniest earphones today. If you book now, then expect your order to reach you early next year.

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