Xiaomi is going the Phoneblok way – Introducing its own modular concept

Phonebloks is gaining popularity and Motorola is already looking to make it into a reality and get a name for it. It is including Dave Hakkens, the creator and founder of the idea of Phonebloks. It is a concept similar to your modular kitchen of sorts. It is an attempt in reducing electronic wastes. All the parts are removable and swappable. You can increase or decrease anything you want and if a part is damaged, it can be replaced without changing the whole handset. All you have to do is go to the blokstore and you can sell your old part.

Similar to the Phoneblok concept. Xiaomi is coming up with a limited model of changes. Some parts remain constant while the others can be changed. The screen/ display and the main board seem to be non upgradeable. The camera, the battery and the RAM can be upgraded. The CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun put it up in the Weibo account which is a microblogging site created by SINA Corporation. It is like a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It is widely used in China. The Modular screen features a layout like a Lumia. Well, the front of the screen resembles a Lumia and I got confused if it was Nokia or Xiaomi for a moment. Nokia’s concept (if it comes with one) should be cool too. Here is the image given by the CEO which was removed as soon as it was published.

Xiaomi modular concept
Xiaomi modular concept

This might take some time to realize and may need 3D printing just like how Motorola is going with its Ara project.

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