ChargeCard for iPhone is a credit card size portable USB charger

ChargeCard for iPhone, could be easily labelled as the slimmest iPhone charger ever. The new Kickstarter project, which aims to provide the iPhone users with a portable USB charger that can fit easily in your wallet. The Chargecard that sizes only 0.1″ thickness (almost the thickness of 3 credit cards), which is a ABS plastic connector that can connect to USB port to charge your smartphone. The charger has a foldout USB arm that is made of a flexible thermoplastic elastomer.

Charge card has a foldout USB connector

Charge card has foldout USB connector

The project has gained a huge popularity in the Crowd funding site Kickstarter. Chargecard has already reached $70k fund with 2,418 backers. The device will cost around $25.

This USB charger is just 2.54mm thickness

This USB charger is just 2.54mm thickness

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Check out the video below,

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