Flappy 2048 – A deadly combination of ‘2048’ and ‘Flappy Bird’!

You were a Flappy Bird fan, and felt miserably sad that it was taken out of the official stores, then played some look-alike, feel-alike games and became tired. Then came 2048 and is already killing your time! But here is another “evil game” that is going to eat your time totally! Its called Flappy-2048. And yes your guess is correct, its a deadly combination of the Flappy Bird and 2048.

Gameplay Flappy-2048

Unlike the original 2048 game, in Flappy 2048, you need not look out for numbers to combine them to get the total 2048 sum. But keep giving your fingers the workload and strain your eyes to keep the score tile off the barriers to get 2048.

And I should admit that the game is pretty easy when compared to both of its parents!

a game combining flappy bird and 2048

I know you will love this game too! Prepare yourself and play the Flappy 2048 game now! Also, here is a similar and interesting Racing 2048 from the same developer hcz.

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