Japan Display working on 4K Ultra HD displays

The Display Company- Japan Display is bringing two displays which feature the UHD or Ultra HD Resolution aka. 2160p. The display┬áis said to come in about two sizes. One a 5.4″ screen with a pixel range of about 1440×2560 which is said to have a pixel density of 543ppi.( Woah! That is quite large). And the other a 6.2″ model with pixel density of 473ppi.

For Those of you who don’t know about Japan Display, It is a collaboration between Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba who joined hands with Innovation Network Corporation Of Japan(INCJ) on 15th November 2011 who agreed to integrate their small and medium sized LCD Displays. The company has come a long way from being small display manufacturers and with the help of Research, have come up with the amazing displays. They have also said to be working on a 12.1″ Tablet display with 4K Resolution.

Japan Display-543ppi
Japan Display-543ppi


Not much is known about when the displays are to hit the market but expect them in upcoming year. Though not many smartphones will be produced due to high cost involved.

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