Eight tricks to improve your smartphone battery life!

Most of us are fans of smartphone! Well, let me put like this…Almost everyone in this generation are big fans of smartphone. Smartphone has become a part of our daily life. Though we love using smartphone, but at the same time we hate smartphone batteries; because they drain quickly. But using the right applications and smart tricks can help you reach home at the end of the day with some life left in your phone. This articles aims at provide few tricks and applications that can improve the battery life of the smartphone.

1. Turn Off Bluetooth When Not in Use

Of course, the shock on your face is quite obvious. But the Bluetooth consumes lot of power. Turn off your Bluetooth when you are not using it. Because the Bluetooth radio is designed to constantly listen for the signals from the outside world. These signals cause your battery to drain faster. So Turn on Bluetooth only when you really need it.

2. Turn Off WiFi When Not in Use

As like Bluetooth, WiFi radio signals draws huge amount of power from your battery. Remember WiFi signals can drain the battery much faster than Bluetooth signals. Now a days most of us have WiFi router’s installed at home, so that the internet can be shared with your mobile phones. But there is no point in leaving the WiFi turned on when you are away from your home. So turn off your WiFi when you are not using it.

3. DIM the screen to the lowest acceptable brightness.

Improve battery lifeAdmiring your smartphone display?. You should also know that smartphone displays are larger and colorful,which had also turned out to be the enemy of your battery. Among the components of your mobile phone, display screen sits fairly on top of then table when it comes to the battery consumption. Setting your screen brightness to the lowest level (Of course not darker) can fairly save the battery from draining quickly. Remember most of the smart phones has auto-brightness settings, but reducing further is really acceptable.

4. Set the Screen time out to 15-30 seconds

Screen time out controls your phone how long the display should be kept on. Setting the screen time out to 15 to 30 seconds can really improve your battery life. Android phones have default time out set to 15 seconds, but other users might have to check their time out settings under “Display” menu.

5. Kill the unwanted applications

The most admired feature of any smartphone is its capability of handling multiple applications (to be technical, the capability to perform multitasking). Each application shares your mobile processor cycles, which leads to huge energy consumption. Killing the applications that are not in use can definitely improve your battery performance.  If you have an android mobile, then you can try out “Advanced task killer” which allows you to set policies to auto-kill applications that are least used. For mobiles that runs iOS, kill applications in the task bar by holding the application icon for few seconds and click the close button.

6. Disable the unwanted notifications

Most of the applications are designed to poll their servers via internet to check for the updates, news, offers and other notifications. These notifications make your mobile LED to lit on and off for every action. These activities consumes a bit of energy. So disable the unnecessary notifications to save your battery from draining quickly.

7. Make use of power saver modes

Most of the smartphone comes with various power saving modes. Make use of the mode that best suites your need. Power Saver modes are programmed to prevent automatic updates of your applications, dims your screen, sets minimal timeouts, disabling WiFi, Bluetooth and turns off vibration mode.

8. Low battery: Never use vibration mode

Putting your mobile in vibrator mode can extract lot of energy from your battery. There is a lot difference between the ring tone and vibration in mobiles. Ring tones consumes less energy to create a membrane in your mobile speaker to generate a sound, but the vibrator uses a motor to swing a small weight to shake your mobile. So never use vibrator mode until and unless you are in some meeting.

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