Mahindra Reva and BIAL to Set up More Electric Vehicle Charging stations in Bengaluru!

Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), silicon valley of India  is really getting famous and this, can be due to many reasons. It is a site of development of Electric vehicles. EVs have lately seen the rise especially in a city like Bangalore and is seeing development everyday. Mahindra and Bangalore International Airport Limited have taken it to an advantage and have set up an Recharge station at the airport.

Recharge stations for electric cars have been set up at State Bank of India, Shopping Malls, etc. A special offer or discount of about 20% is also offered to vehicles being parked especially Mahindra’s own EVs. The latest addition to the electric cars range is the BIA. It is soon to follow in other cities. In a country where gasoline price is sky rocketing, this move is sure to be a bottle opener and is a welcome change.

Adoption of EV is sure to give driving pleasure and also 50% of the mileage of a Gasoline vehicle. Electric car in India first started with the Reva and is still a successful model. The two-seater car was compact and sure was amazing to ride in. Not that much of a speed compared to the other vehicles but the ride was smooth. Continuous development leads to the betterment and can also attain gasoline speeds. The proverb “Practice makes a man perfect” sure is apt and can be applied to EVs too.



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