1. BSF-Auto Robot book scanner – reads 250 pages every minute

BSF-Auto Robot book scanner – reads 250 pages every minute

It’s the age of high-definition and why not we see it in the scanner technology? Researchers at the Japan’s Ishikawa Oku Laboratory has given the answer with BFS-Auto!

BFS-Auto uses high speed automated page flipping, real-time 3D page recognition and up to 400 pixels per inch high-definition resolution to accurately scan books at a rate of over 250 pages per minute! Just imagine it’s about a huge novel per minute!

robot book scanner scans 250 pages per minute

According to the company, the device’s primary innovation is in its ability to flip pages so rapidly while achieving a high-definition resolution of up to 400 pixels per inch, as well as its ability to compensate for the three-dimensional deformation of the paper while the page is being flipped and to restore scans to a flat appearance with no signs of page deformation.

robot book scanner scans 250 pages per minute_1


Now your long wait to get the pages scanned is tremendously reduced! Agreed? Also, the overhead for human intervention is reduced; all you have to do is load books into the chamber and watch – as the fully-automated process rapidly scans your book’s contents.

BFS-Auto, is expected to be available for commercial purposes sometime in 2013 and the price is not announced yet. As of now, watch the video below to get a brief idea of how the stuff works!

Updated on November 24, 2012

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