Google introduces Google Nose! For a fragrant Google Experience!

Is this another April Fooling experience? Google Nose?

Google pranked its users with the news of shut down YouTube. Now its time for your olfactory sense to try out and find if Google Nose is true!

Currently in beta, the new feature features scents into Search. Clicking the “Try Google Nose Beta” button gives a list of random search term with the description of the term from the Google Aromabase.




 The are options to Smell, Share and find How stuff works. When you click on “smell,” a pop-up appears, with an option to start smelling, Google also prompts you to “Bring your nose as close as you can to the screen and press Enter.” When you start, the aroma is transmitted, and there is a progress bar and background sound to make things real!

What’s more? This feature also includes a SafeSearch “when you’re wary of your query,” and boasts a 15 million scentibyte database of smells from around the world.

Lena Carddeal, Google’s user-experience designer, says: “Until now, we couldn’t always give user what they’re looking for. Because sometimes, they’re not looking at all.”

Haaa! Are you pranked? I should admit I was! Even-though I’m aware that it does not work, its quite nice, you know I smelt fear!

Try Google Nose!

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