Hitachi unveils a glass chip that can store your data forever

It’s not sure that the today’s technology will last till¬†tomorrow. For instance, the today’s hard drive technology may not exist or sustain after a decade. Especially the ever changing storage solutions makes you to shift your data from one device to another. Hitachi, the leading storage and electronics device maker aims to end this. Hitachi unveils a new glass chip that can store your data forever. I mean, it can last for a decade, even after a decade and forever.

Hitachi's glass chip can store your data forever

Hitachi's glass chip can store your data forever

The glass chip that sizes around 2 centimeter by 2 millimeter can store 40MB of data per square inch.  According to the researchers, the material used in the chip can sustain forever and can handle any physical abuse. This chip can survive in the extreme heat (even up to 1,832 Fahrenheit) and also against most chemicals. The chip is also waterproofed.

According to the reports, this technology has not been put to use and will be seen in the future.

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