iPhone 6 expected to launch this fall! Here are some leaks.

The next generation of iPhone has its fair share of leaks and is said to come in a variety of options. We’ll cover all the leaks that we learnt till date.

Leak #1: iPhone Camera specs leak. 10MP f/1.8 in tow

The camera of the iPhone 6 will be updated and will now stand at 10MP with an f/1.8 aperture. Apple was looking to develop a specialized camera set for its iPhone which involves new mechanisms and so forth. The new filter that will be used are said to be lighter and thinner than the previous IR filters and this will help in focusing more light and thus the quality of the image will be drastically improved.

iPhone 6
It is also said to minimize the color shift of the CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensors. The aperture value means that the camera will be able to take low light images clearly and without any blur.

Leak #2: Front panel Surfaces #1

iPhone front panel

The image is fresh from the factory floor of China. The image shows a front panel in comparison to the iPhone 5S. The image is from a Chinese source, so do take it with a pinch of salt as it might be true or it might not be. Apple first said 3.5″ is the correct size and then it turned to 4″ in which it said the same dialogue. Now this. This means that Apple is losing its consistency and is adapting to the change and taking bigger screens seriously.

Leak #3: Dummy unit leaks

After some leaks of the iPhone, a 3D render was created which gives a view on how the device will look like. There are no hole for the home button and the flash part is said to look a little bit round-ish compared to the rectangular dual tone flash of the iPhone 5S.

iPhone back
There is no mentioning of dimensioning but seeing the size of the phone which is 137x66x7.1 mm and the size of the screen is alleged to be 4.7″.

Leak #4: Front Panel leak #2

iPhone6 image leaks
The image as you can see has no bezels. The above image is just a representation of the size of the screen that you can expect from the new iPhone. It is said to be a 4.7″ screen as there is no difference in the height between the iPhone 5S and the new alleged iPhone 6.

Leak #5: iPhone camera is clocked at 8MP only and not 10MP.

Previously, we tipped you that the camera was to be a 10MP unit but that is not the case it seems. The camera will be an 8MP unit with f/2.2 which is the same unit on the iPhone 5S. The changes are not external but rather on the internals with the camera technology getting some improved tweaks that will make it more robust. The 13MP shooters are seeing some increase in shipments but it is less likely that Apple will include it in its next iPhone.

New iphone6 camera

Leak #6: Schematic sketch reveals dimensions

This is like a blueprint wherein it reveals the measurements of the device. It is said that not one device is produced but two iPhones which have different displays. One is said to be larger than the other.

iphone6 leaks

Leak #7:  iPhone 4S the largest share holder; will see humungous update cycle

The iPhone 4S is the largest sold phone under the supervision of Steve Jobs himself. The phone is still the largest shareholder as the Nokia Lumia 520 holds in the Windows Phone range. A new survey found that a large number of users have the iPhone 4S compared to the recently launched iPhone 5S. The survey was conducted in the four networks of USA i.e Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.

most sold iphone
People will not just like that update to the iPhone 6 but it is just giving numbers as it assumes that they will update. But if they do, Apple will be in lot of trouble as it wouldn’t have expected numbers this big. iPhone 6 is expected to launch this fall, with not just one version but two – One will be 4.7″ while the other will be a 5.5″ .

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