Smart Pressure Cooker “Instant Pot” unveiled at CES 2014

Who said only a microwave oven can be smart?! Here comes Instant Pot – a programmable, Bluetooth-enabled pressure cooker from Ace Sensor Inc. and Double Insight Inc.

Instant Pot is equipped with a microprocessor and an array of sensors. The iPot also has a companion Android/iOS app with which the users can control the cooker from their mobile device. You can also see the entire cooking process represented graphically on your mobile and this is possible with the thermal sensor, dual pressure sensors and an electro-magnetic sensor present in the cook-pot. These sensors also take the iPot to the next level, you can make yogurt, germinated brown rice, hot spring egg and many more complex multi-step recipes with much ease! You can also share your working recipes to your friends as, the entire program is saved as a recipe script.

Aspiring the iPot to be in your kitchens sooner? Well, it should be on sale some time in the second quarter of 2014. Pricing is not available yet, check out this space for updates!

instant pot electric cooker