Maruti Suzuki Zen : Things and Facts you didn’t know!

Have you heard of the Maruti Suzuki Zen? Do you know all things about it? Well, then how many variants are there?  What does the name Zen stand for? What? The name is an acronym?! Don’t be shocked. Even I didn’t know. So, now its time to see something more about the car that was once successful.

Zen Information

The name of the car comes from the Japanese word meaning Complete. Zen is an acronym and not a random name. The Acronym stands for Zero Engine Noise, makes sense? It was a great car, ahead of time and a notable one, especially in the small cars segment. It has worldwide recognition and comes under different names in the different countries.


The Zen was released under various versions, each only face-lifting the older variant, either in the front or the back department. No attempts were made to improve the performance though. It featured Power Windows, Power steering and Music cum Radio player.

First Version

This version was the most successful and is owned by most people, be it here or anywhere else in the World.

Maruti Suzuki Zen
Zen Back stylish

Second version

Not many of you might know this Zen, but this was the second version released. This version had the least amount of sales. The rear design was improved and featured 3 intersecting circle lamps.

Zen Version 2
Weird Styling

This was more or less thought to be elegant and business-like. It was inspired from Japanese styling but.. didn’t work out!

Maruti Suzuki Zen
Rear Styling

Third Version

There is no change to the design of the tail lights but there is a change to the front. It now featured a see-able front.

Maruti Suzuki Zen
Version 3

Latest and Fourth iteration (Zen Estilo)

Though this has no connection whatsoever to the Zen, it has incorporated the Zen tag name but based on the Wagon R series. The Estilo has a lot of features borrowed from Wagon R and improved to be incorporated to the later StingRay which is also the new Wagon-R.

Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo
Zen Estilo

You cannot get the Zen anymore as it is out of production. But, you can go to your nearest dealer to get the Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo!

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  1. Great looks and very compact ! Most likely easy and convenient to drive..!
    I love to have this car even a second hand! I will put it to a great car!

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