Wrecking Ball from Miley Cyrus with Giant-Sized Virtual Kitten! [Video]

I would admit, Miley really knows how to keep the world talking about her! Yes, this time its her performance during the American Music awards. She gave her “Wrecking Ball” performance on stage – wearing a two piece outfit with cat face prints, not alone, but with a giant sized virtual kitten. The kitten lip-synced along with Miley and even emoted, winked and stuck out its tongue (Miley Cyrus signature tongue wag).

May be Miley had known that there are many cat lovers than for dogs. Also Miley has taken a good move now, I wish she continues this way and be the ever favourite disney figure, alternative to her recent controversial behaviour of twerking, licking and so on!

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Time to watch the family – friendly video now!


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