Mobile World Congress: Here are things that are expected to happen

Mobile World Congress has arrived already. I would rather call this post as late, but at the same I would like to tell, what you can expect in the second largest gadgets show in the world. Here are some devices from manufacturers that we expect to hit the MWC 2014. The manufacturers include Acer, BlackBerry to Samsung in the alphabetical Order. Check out the list.


Acer is coming out with a variety of devices for the MWC. Here are a few of them.

Liquid E3

It is a mid range device that is in direct competition with the LG G2 mini.

Acer Liquid E3

Liquid Z4

It costs as much as the E3 and will be a direct competitor to the Xperia Z1.

Acer Liquid Z4

Liquid S3

A successor to the Liquid S2 which features 2160p video recording. A flagship device.


BlackBerry is expected to out its entry level handset dubbed the Z3. It is said to feature touchscreen unlike its Q5 which is a combination of touch and qwerty. Though the BB OS 10 is not that much of a success, it sure is to improve upon the OS. This phone is not very likely though for the MWC.

BlackBerry Z3


M8/All new One/One+

This device is not very likely for the MWC, but you will never know. HTC has an event on March 25 and that is when it should announce all its new devices.


During a recent AnTuTu benchmark, an HTC device was found using an octa core MediaTek chipset, but the details are not known. We doubt it whether well see it in the MWC.

Desire 8

The Desire 8 is a phablet by HTC and as we felt and said before, it may be released during the March event. The phablet comes with a 5.5″ screen.


Ascend P7

The Ascend P7 is successor to the P6 and comes with its own set of features.The device uses a Kirin chipset and comes with 5″ 1080p screen.

Huawei Ascend P7
Huawei Ascend P7

MediaPad X1

The MediaPad X1 is a device by Huawei and is a tablet device. Its certified in China and is compact.


G Pro 2

The G Pro 2 is official but should also make its way to MWC 2014.

G2 Mini

It is the competitor to the Z1 compact. It comes with an 4.7 qHD screen and with some specs borrowed from G2.


A110 X

The A110 X is the Android-Nokia combination device that is very much likely for the MWC. It comes with Android 4.4.1 KitKat and is said to include Nokia’s own store as the main store and the rest as 3rd party stores.

Lumia 930

The Lumia is the successor to the 920 and will be under Nokia’s name itself.

Lumia 630/635

It offers a powerful chipset than the 525 and comes as a successor to the current Lumia 620.


Xperia Z2 (Sirius)

The Xperia Z2 is the successor to the Z1 and comes with some extraordinary software and hardware features. Watch MWC to know more.

Xperia Tablet Z2

The Xperia Tablet Z2 is the successor to the Tablet Z1 or the Tablet Z and is said to come with a host of features.

Xperia G

It is a mid range offering by Sony and comes as a support to the Xperia C.


Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 is said to be the flagship device. The company is set to introduce a new design to the device which is apart from the old devices. The flagship is said to come with an 5.25″ screen, a redefined faux leather and is said to come with an altogether different chipset.


The Huron is a Windows phone device by Samsung. It is said to come out with the WP 8.1 update. The other details are not known but one thing is sure, it is not very likely for the event as Microsoft has not announced plans for its WP 8.1 release yet.

Galaxy Tab 4

The Galaxy range of tablets are next in line and are said to come with their own update upgrading them to the number 4.

Galaxy Gear 2

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