Motorola gives the power to decide What goes into your Phone – Project Ara

Its been hitting headlines since the PhoneBlok Concept came by. For those of you who don’t know the PhoneBlok Concept, it is basically a board with all the chips intact and on top of it, you can fix your RAM, Camera, Storage Space, and many other things to which you feel yourself with.

If you are a music lover, you can keep your storage space high rather than have high sophisticated specifications. If you are a camera lover, you can upgrade the camera and revolutionize how you take pictures. And if a part is damaged, you can replace that particular part and not give your phone to a service center and wait an estimated 10 days to see that the phone will come another week later (all this for a broken display!).


Check the video here:

It is a concept introduced by Dave Hakkens. Similar to that, Motorola started another project- Ara which is said to be in development for the past one year. Motorola got in touch with Dave Hakkens and got him also in the development team. This is sure to make big manufacturers to go for this type of concept as replacing a particular part in a full device is just a pain in the back. But as there is not much profit for the big companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. they are not sure to move into this type of Concept in the near future. Oh! and for introducing this concept into reality Dave Hakkens has started a support page in which today is the last date for support. Check this link for any updates. That campaign is going well and the minimum number of support required has been long back reached. This concept should be turned into a reality but do take it with a pinch of salt.

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