A simple thing to get you out a complicated situation – Plan V

You are stranded in the middle of nowhere as you car battery is dead. What would you do? Car jump starters may ring a bell to many out there. Now, picture this – you are stranded on an island and it’s getting darker and darker. Your phone battery is dead and there isn’t a soul around to seek for help. Evan and Luke found themselves in a similar situation which drive them to design Plan V, along the lines of a car jump starter.

The innovation

It is impossible carry a portable charger all the time and then, there are times when you even forget to charge those chargers. For times like these, one must carry a small thing without the woes of ‘Oh! I forgot to charge’ constantly plaguing you. How does a flat band which can be easily hooked onto your key ring sound to be like? Light. Well, how would you feel if you could charge your phone by way of plugging this light strap into your phone? Incredulous! Well, that’s an apt reaction but then, that’s what you would be doing in the future.

A strap which needs to charged. Then how is it different from a portable charger?

What is that one thing which is universally available? Rural and urban shops, both stock them alike. I’ll make it easy for you. Chocolates. If you find a bar of chocolate in the departmental store, chances are you would also find a 9 volt battery. And that’s all you need. Plug the 9 volt battery to the Plan V and insert it into your phone’s charging port. What follows next is a miracle-your phone would be charged for use for over 4 hours. Look, it works exactly like a car jump cable!

Plan V
submit your discharged phone in the hands of Plan V

Things you need to know about Plan V

  • It is as small as a car key and therefore, can be attached to your key ring.
  • It is designed to charge your phone in a matter of time. It optimally charges you phone so that you can talk peacefully without the fear of draining you phone’s battery entering your mind. Meaning it is rapid and has endurance (quoting the very words of the developers)
  • It weighs 7 grams. Light, right?
  • It is safe both for you and your phone. It is certified to prove this.
  • It is waterproof, as well.
Plan V
Lookie, how big is it?

Where do I get these?

Back them to make them a reality.

If they raise the pledged amount (which they would. Check their current number of backers) in the given time span, Plan V would hit the market in February next year.

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