Sony to join the Windows Phone bandwagon?- in talks with Microsoft

Windows Phone is becoming very popular and manufacturers will make a big mistake if they try to ignore the young lad. The young lad was once ignored and only Nokia could do enough to bring the young lad up and parenting sure was tough. The OS has much to learn and it is not running under the full potential. The acceleration is under 10% and even then, it is making a big difference. Think about it when acceleration is at 100%.

Windows phone has a lot of way to go and one big giant will help increase the sales if it takes up the OS. The company has not released one WP phone and relies purely on Android. Can you guess the company? The company releases great cameras and good smartphones. Not yet? The company is patented with the Exmor sensor and the Xperia series. Yes? Yeah, you are right. Sony is in talks with Microsoft to get the rights for distributing WP8 OS on its phones. Pierre Peron who is the Europe Mobile head at Sony, told TechRadar that Sony is in talks with “other partners including Microsoft”. Sony “doesn’t want to be a single OS manufacturer which may not be viable in the long run” and thus they want to try all possibilities. Mr. Peron sure is optimistic about the plan with Microsoft. If this deal works out, Sony should use the VAIO moniker, depicting the success in its desktop and laptop ranges. There are no launch dates or this is not like the final stages of talk. It is more like a speculation or a concept.

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