Sony Xperia M vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

It is an Android battle again. This time it is two big brands that are rivalling each other. The two contestants on the ring are- in the red corner <Sony Xperia M> and in the blue corner <Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro>

The Sony Xperia M features Sony Omni Balance design and is said to be a very smaller version of the Xperia Z or a smaller version of the Xperia C. The Xperia C is an amzing phone. The Omni Balance design is borrowed from Xperia Z. It features the metal power button from the Xperia Z. The Xperia Z is said to spark some of the brain cells in Sony and is said to be present in all the other phones as a standard. In this article, we take you through a battle of death between the two phones. Drop tests are not yet performed on these phones as they are relatively new.

Sony Xperia M over the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro

  • Durable material rather than cheaper plastic
  • Wonderful feel of the phone
  • No lag when compared to the Galaxy Grand
  • Relatively lighter than the Quattro
  • Supports 720p Video recording
  • Faster HSDPA Speed of upto 21 Mbps compared to 7.2 Mbps of the Quattro
  • NFC support

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro over the Sony Xperia M

  • Quad core processing compared to Dual core of Xperia M
  • Bigger screen (4.7″) when compared to 4″ of the Xperia M
  • Faster processor- 1.2GHz
  • More internal storage- 8GB vs 4GB
  • Ships with Dual SIM. A separate variant of the Xperia M deals with this.
  • Better battery capacity 2000mAh when compared to 1750mAh.
Xperia M vs Quattro
Xperia M vs Quattro

Which phone you choose depends not on the above factors but they are just a reference so that you don’t have any problem in the future with the phone that you choose. You an go for the Xperia M or the Quattro. Both are good phones and are sure worth the price. Choose wisely and depending on your use. Cheers!

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