The Different Blunders in Naming technology! (Just Laugh)

Technology is one thing that is developing with time but are the humans too? I wouldn’t say developing but rather going down. Our ancestors rather had bigger brain capacity while ours is very much reduced. Our ancestors had a brain volume of 1500 cc whereas we have a volume of only 1250 cc. But size doesn’t anyway affect intelligence is what scientists and biologists say. But we do make some blunders here and there which leads to some laughing at.

There are major blunders in naming technology. This doesn’t generally lead to trolls but are definitely in for a laugh or at least you will think if it is right or wrong. The first up my list is Zooming.

pinch to zoom troll

Zooming can be done to view content in more detail. On a website, this can be done to texts and pictures. But for videos, it is not that famous. The feature was introduced for viewing videos and pictures more clearly on a camera. Yet we cannot have zoom on videos after creation. How ironical. The blunder I am talking about in terms of zooming is…. yes. Pinch to zoom. It is actually not pinch to zoom. Try the action. You bring in two fingers close and you expand. Would you pinch like that?? Nobody does. So why is it called pinch to zoom?  The pinch to Zoom feature was introduced by Steve Jobs on his Apple products. Nice job Jobs, but the terminology is quite wrong. Maybe it should be Unpinch to Zoom?

The second up is Scrolling.

Scrolling usually is a process of moving from top of the page to bottom or vice-versa. It can also be done from left to right or the other way round. But have you noticed? Only when you go in the opposite direction that you want to scroll, will the page go the way you want to. This is the case in most of the smartphones, tablets, PCs and Laptops. In Computers, this option can be set right. But that is not the case in tablets and smartphones. So instead of scrolling, shouldn’t it be called trolling? Just kidding. This should be called inverted scrolling.

For more wits on technology, visit this site and have fun.

-Thanks to Sudarsan for the tip and the content!

Disclaimer : This article is just for fun and not intended to hurt anyone

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