Seven Tips to save the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy SIII entered into the mobile market with a loud voice claiming that it is the mobile for humans and became the most expected smartphone of the year. Though the model features some astonishing features like S-Voice, Smart Stay and S-Beam, but still the battery power is not that promising. According to the video posted by Pocketnow, the Samsung Galaxy S III has failed to live up to the performance of HTC One X. But here are the few tips that can help you to improve the battery life in Galaxy S3.

1. The basics comes first, switch off the radios like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS when not in use. Leaving them switched On will eat up lots of battery.

2. Make sure you have switched Off Sync, so that some of the background services doesn’t consume your battery.

3. The big display with full brightness can definetely drain the smartphone battery quickly. Reducing the brightness to meet your comfort can improve the battery life.

4. Disabling the Live wallpapers can save some amount of clock cycles and therefore power as well.

5. Other accessories like S-voice, LED Lamp, Smart Stay and vibration mode can be manually activated manually when needed.

6. Putting your mobile on “Power saving” mode will reduce the number clock cycles, reduces the frame rate, switches the email and browser backgrounds to black thus reduces the number of illuminated pixels and lowers the brightness of the display. This mode slows down the mobile a bit, but it still saves lots of power.

7. Switch on “Auto adjust screen power” from the display settings.

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Check out the video below from PocketNow,

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