Open source Linux operating system Ubuntu finally arrives as a gesture-based OS for smartphones!

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating open source software. The first release was on 20 October 2004 and since then, Canonical has been releasing new versions of Ubuntu with promising features!

So now what ? After a teaser which really created a queer suspicion among us that it might be a touch-based OS , Ubuntu has unveiled a new mobile OS, which is gesture-based! Ubuntu Mobile is designed to run with hardware of all stripes (it supports x86 processors in addition to more common ARM chips).


The interface is designed such that the controls appear only when the user wants them. Thumb gestures from all four edges would let you switch between apps. The smartphone interface also includes voice and text commands within any app! OS will support Web (HTML5) and native apps, which will include Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Gmail, and Spotify to begin with. The officially supported device for now is Galaxy Nexus.

We have to wait to watch out how it would compete with the other rising mobile OSes like Tizen, Sailfish and Firefox OS! On regard to this,Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth said, “Our vision is deeper and broader than I’ve seen from other ecosystems, we believe that one platform can stretch across multiple environments”.

Shuttleworth says they are looking to develop two core mobile segments – the high-end “superphone”, and the entry-leel basic smartphone.

Ubuntu phones are promised to be out in early 2014. But for now the company has a number of demo phones out in London and you could see the demo video from Ubuntu here.

Lets wait to hear more! Stay online!