Samsung Galaxy S III features S-Voice, Smart Stay and S Beam

Are the mobile phones developed for a human or a Sheep? I am really not sure after hearing the tagline of Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung says the Galaxy S III is “designed for humans”, obviously any smartphone is meant for the humans to use it. But Samsung really means that as the user interface and features on the phone better meet what people really want to do. According to the product description revealed by, Samsung Galaxy S III is set to feature quite a lot of awesome features.

S Voice

This feature seems to be the clone of Siri, which allows the user to control the phone over the voice commands. The users can perform few tasks like unlocking the phone, hitting snooze on a alarm, play a song, send texts and can schedule events, of course all using Samsung S voice.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

Smart Stay

Galaxy S III uses the front-facing camera to tracks the human eyes, so it knows when the user is showing attention on the screen. This feature stops the phone from timing out before you complete reading the e-book or watching a movie. You will never need to tap your screen to resume from the time out.

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S III

S Beam

Galaxy S III uses the Near field communication to transfer the files from one phone to another just by tapping them together. You can transfer up to 1 GB of files using the NFC technology. This feature is also set to be available in the future iPhone.

Direct Call

Direct call feature is quite an interesting and you might not have expected to have one like that. While you are typing a text to someone and decide to call them instead, then you just need to move the phone near to your ears while typing. Galaxy automatically places a call to the person whom you are typing the message.

Well, now tell us do you really think the tagline “designed for humans” suits for Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know in the comments.

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